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What is Fused Glass?

Fused Glass is the technique of joining pieces of glass using heat.

For some, 'art' is picking up a pencil or paintbrush to create a picture. I use fused glass techniques to create my pictures. Cutting shapes out of glass sheets, crushing up glass to create texture and sometimes even picking up a paintbrush to add details, are some of the ways I bring my ideas or interpretations of what I see into a finished piece. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by nature and the outdoors all year round and so rarely run out of inspiration.

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Create Individual and Unique, Handcrafted Pieces of Fused Glass & Glass Mosaics in My Studio i.e the Shed.

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About Clare Beck

Orinoco Fused Glass by Clare Beck is based in a small blue shed at the back of my home in East Co. Clare.

As a child I was at my happiest with a large supply of paper & a pencil case full of colours. So, no surprise that I ended up choosing to study art and went to college in Swansea, Wales, to study Architectural Stained Glass. It was a perfect choice, I loved it!

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