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Square Framed Art Work

As each individual piece is handmade, each is a unique creation and will be very similar to the photograph shown but may not be exactly the same.
  • White handmade solid wood box frame
  • Frame size: 250mm square
  • Art work within the Frame: 100mm square
  • Price: €65
  • SNOWDROPS: A classic snowdrop picture -Photo 1
  • BLUEBELLS: Stems of bluebells with mixed grasses -Photo 2
  • BLUEBELL WOOD: Depicts a path in a forest of trees with a carpet of bluebells Photo 3
  • FUSCHIA: Fuschia flowers and a bud hanging from a painted branch with leaves. Stamen of flowers are wire with beads- Photo 4
  • POPPIES: Red poppy flowers -Photo 5
  • FOXGLOVES: Depiction of tall pink foxgloves with a detail of a painted bee Photo 6
  • DAISIES: A field of daisies- Photo 7
  • SILVER BIRCH TREES: Silver birch trees in a forest setting- Photo 8
  • WILD ATLANTIC WAVE: Depiction of a crashing wave using different blues/aquas and white- Photo 9
  • SAIL AWAY: Depicts 2 sail boats on a painted sea- Photo 10
  • LOVE BIRDS: Two blue birds entwined with a wire beaded heart, suitable for engagement/wedding/anniversary - Photo 11
  • DAFFODILS: Pretty yellow Daffodils - Photo 12
  • PRIMROSES: Delicate Primrose flowers - Photo 13

Price: €65.00
Additional Product Requirements: